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Who we are - The High Adventure Team is a volunteer group of Scouters which operates under the direction of LAAC-Camping Services. Its mission is to develop and promote outdoor activities within the Council and by its many Units. It conducts training programs, sponsors High Adventure awards, publishes specialized literature such as Hike Aids and The Trail Head and promotes participation in High Adventure activities such as backpacking, peak climbing, and conservation, and in other Council programs.

Join us - Anyone who is interested in the LAAC-HAT and its many activities is encouraged to direct an inquiry to the LAAC-Camping Services (213-413-4400 x344). The LAAC-HAT meets at 7:30 pm on the first Tuesday of each month at the LAAC Service Center, 2333 Scout Way, Los Angeles, CA 90026. These meetings are open to all registered adult Scouters.

e-mail lists - The High Adventure Team distributes two publications via e-mail.

The Trail Head
The bi-monthly newsletter of the LAAC-HAT. It contains information about its meetings, activities, and programs. Each issue has several articles related to High Adventure, with emphasis on local conditions, opportunities, etc.
HAT HiLites
A companion flyer to The Trail Head and issued monthly, providing a one-page summary of upcoming events and activities related to outdoor programs.

To subscribe to either or both of these publications send an e-mail to subscribe@laac-hat.org and say, "Count me in" in the subject box. Please provide your name, Council, Unit number, and which publication(s) you'd like to receive.

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